Pilot operation of shared electric mopeds in Prague under the client's brand BeRider
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Data-driven company (unit economy)
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Agreed KPIs met at 101%
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Saving 420h+ of manual labour through automation (RPA)
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From zero to 60 people in the team
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NPS of the customer support was 78
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24/7 company operation


For almost three years, we have been working very closely with ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab to build a shared electric scooter company in Prague. The goal of the first phase was to validate whether there would be sufficient interest in the service. And this was already confirmed at the end of the first year of operation.

BeRider fotky
BeRider fotky zakazniku

Over the next two years, we have worked together to make the project, dare we say, one of the best micromobility services on the market, both in terms of customers and operations. For example, the average rating of the app in the Apple Store is 4.9 ⭐️ with more than 2500 reviews.


To build and run a pilot operation of shared electric scooters and validate in practice whether there is sufficient demand in the market to fulfil the expected business case.

Testimonials of riders

petr V.

"I am absolutely satisfied with the scooters. I think it's a great idea and the future of shared urban travel. Thanks a lot, keep it up."

František P.

"Hi, I just tried your scooter and I am thrilled! I especially needed to try out how it feels to climb hills and accelerate, as my electric bike that I used to own didn't even go up a few steps. But this is the bomb, it has a much bigger battery after all!"

Marek K.

"I'm a big fan, you're my preferred form of transportation!"


MAY 2019
Winning the tender. The beginning of the story.
JUNE 2019

Recruiting the first team and setting up basic processes for operations and customer support. User satisfaction has been a priority for us from the start. And the feedback during user testing was great!

BeRider fotka tým startuje
BeRider fotka kontejner
JULY 2019

Rental of an empty hall, preparation of facilities and charging box. Everything must comply with safety regulations and the legal framework.

August 2019

Paying for a whitelabel license will be the fastest way to get functional on the market. We're flying to Spain to catch up with our partner.

BeRider fotka Spanelsko
BeRider fotka flotila
August 2019

The first batch of scooters has just arrived. We are preparing a pilot test in the city. The first real test of our processes and competencies.


The operation of the entire fleet and its efficiency are key. We set up measurement and reporting. We track everything from usage, to highlighted demand on the map, to customer support response rates, to operator efficiency in the field.

BeRider data
BeRider data

Evaluation of data and all findings. Numerically, we are on a very good track. The client has made a decision to continue operations for another year. We're looking at a full season, March to December.


When changes need to be made to the system for tens of thousands of driver's licenses, instead of clicking manually, we use the Robot process automation approach (RPA) and save over 420 hours of manual clicking work with units of hours of scripting.

BeRider data
BeRider fotka retrospektiva
MARCH 2020

From the beginning, we have been practicing agile and lean approaches to team functioning. Regular retrospectives bear fruit in the effectiveness of individuals and teams. Preparations for the next season are in full swing.

Operation and continuous improvement in close cooperation with the client
after 2 years...

🎉 Successful handover under the full baton of ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab.

Every team member has a photo on the wall of the shared office and there are already over 60 of us involved.

Outboxers keeping the fingers crossed for the next journey! 👋

BeRider fotka tým
BeRider fotka loučení po předání
MARCH 2022

The final touch was the celebration and farewell of the teams. Great collaboration, it was a blast! 🙌

Thank you! 🙏

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